Saturday, June 29, 2013


 New boo is one month away from turning 1!!
This little guy is one busy kid...lots of days at the pool, library and bike rides:)  His 8th tooth finally came in and along with pulling up on everything he's cruising down the couch, around chairs and the kitchen cupboards!  He's taking after Declan in the eating department, he it's everything we give him!  Galvan loves corn, carrots, edamame, black beans, string cheese, veggie burgers and taco meat to name a few:)  But he does have some Conall in him, he can't stay out of the dirt in our plant (Conall was notorious for this also).  He loves bath time with his brothers and playing around on the floor with them too.  We love hearing the big boys make him laugh:)  He's starting to get the hang of what walking is all about, likes to walk while holding on to our fingers and when his brothers aren't on the push car he likes to walk behind it.  He's such a chill, happy guy...we love you new boo!

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