Friday, August 17, 2012

2 yrs + 2 months

This is what happens when Conall D is left in his room to take a nap like a big guy!  He only colored on himself, which I'm thankful for, but he was sure to use all the time I'd appreciate it if he put the caps back on!  This last month has been a big one for him...he's a big brother now and that means I can't pick him up all the time:)  He's done so well with Galvan, he loves to see him open his eyes and to lay next to him.  He's not as gentle as we'd like, but he'll get there.  Conall loves to sit next to him and hold his hand:)  Conall has really turned into a little fish at the pool, he'll jump in and even put his face underwater!  His favorite thing might be dumping water out of the pool with a bucket.  We know he's growing because his Chucks are starting to get a little tight:)  We love you boo 2!

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