Thursday, August 16, 2012

4 yrs + 2 months

Oh Declan B!  What a month he's had...he's the biggest brother of our family now!  He has been just amazing with Galvan, always wanting to hold him, talk to him and see him when he first wakes up:)  He's even helped me change some diapers!  I love to hear Declan talk to Galvan..."how you doing little buddy?".  He of course likes to keep Conall in check now too!  We're counting down the days to his preschool open house, he can't wait to start Mrs. Conards class and be with his friends again.  Just a couple more weeks til school starts:)  For now though we are going to hit the pool as much as we can.  He and dad put this map together the other night, Declan did most of the work looking at the box to help figure out where all the states went:) 

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Meredith Maczka said...

Is that a puzzle map? I have been looking for one! Or, something similar to help Cahrlie put in perspective where we used to live and where we live now. Where did you get it?