Thursday, August 2, 2012

galvan christopher o'rourke

We welcomed Galvan Christopher O'Rourke into our family on Sunday, July 29 at 7:57 am.  He weighed 6 lbs and 10 ounces and was 21 inches long.  The picture above was taken just a few days before GC decided to join us:) 
 I knew after our appointment on Wednesday that we were over 4 cm and that I probably wouldn't make it through the weekend.  BC came home from work on Friday and said that if we go this weekend he'd be okay because he was caught up at work.  On Saturday morning we went to the store, met up with Kienan and Emily for lunch and hit the pool.  After dinner we walked over to the store for an ice cream treat.  The boys had a bath and I put them to bed.  Before turning off the tv, BC asked me if I thought we'd have the baby the tonight...I told him no.  I woke him up 20 minutes later after having my second contraction!  Kienan and Emily came over to stay with the boys while we headed to the hospital around 2:45 am.  After being admitted and moved to our room I had my epidural around 5 and started pitocin around 6.  The doctor came in about 7 and said it wouldn't be too much longer...after 4 pushes our 3rd little guy was here!  Galvan had a nice, strong cry and we were surprised once again that he was a he! 
  Declan meeting his little brother for the first time!  He as been so awesome with Galvan.  He did call him a her for a bit, but he's so happy he's here:)
  Conall was excited to hold him (which made us so happy because we weren't sure how he'd react) and has been so great with him too. 
 Here's my guys!  Aren't they just awesome?!
 Little Galvan before heading home:)
 And since I didn't get a chance to post this before he came...
Happy 5 years Papa!  What an amazing, wonderful, fun, crazy and busy five years it has been:)  Here's to many, many more!


Maddie said...

Congrats on both your new son and anniversary!

the swope family said...

Congrats to you all! He looks perfect! So happy for you guys.

Meredith Maczka said...


I wish we lived closer so that we could go on this wild ride together!