Sunday, August 5, 2012

Galvan- 1 week

Galvan Christopher is one week old!  We can't believe how fast this week has gone.  Galvan has done a lot of sleeping and eating during his first week with us.  He had a great check up on Thursday...his weight was the same as his discharge weight and everything else was wonderful:)  His big brothers have been amazing!  Taking turns holding him, talking to him and helping us so much.  Getting Galvan up in the morning is so much fun, Declan can't wait to see him and tell him just about everything he can think of!  Galvan had his first visit to the pool yesterday and we all went to church in the evening...can't believe how smoothly it all went.  Here's a few pictures from the past week.  Happy 1 week birthday GC!  We all love you!

 The big brothers checking out their new little brother the day we brought him home:)
 The proud biggest brother!
 He's been really good at finding his fingers!
 Little Galvan's toes!
 All three boos!
 Love these guys!  And look how long Declan is!  Conall seems so much bigger too! 


MT said...

I love your boys! They are so cute and I am sure they are great big brothers. Declan has had a lot of practice!

Alison Jensen said...

They look so handsome! Welcome home GC. We cannot wait to meet you.